Special solutions

Out-of-the-box solutions

The provision of logistical solutions within a company sometimes goes beyond the supplied products.

WEWO can deliver a complete solution that fully meets the customer's requirements. That's why out-of-the-box thinking is important to WEWO.

With years of experience in logistics processes, WEWO can assist you with your projects from the very start. Using our own design department, we can develop ideas into complete solutions. We are are particularly specialised in the industrial and automotive industries.

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WEWO’s strength lies in the "out-of-the-box" delivery of solutions. For example, we developed a concept to remove all forklift trucks from the Volvo Cars assembly line. Materials will be supplied by a train, after which the materials are removed and ergonomically presented to the production line with the help of special scissor tables and tilt dollies.

A tilting system was also developed for Bringme, with which prefabricated cabinet modules can now be placed in one go - meaning the installation costs of 1 day can be reduced to less than 1 hour. By continuing to demand the utmost of the construction, WEWO can realise the best solutions.

Electrically-operated carts with scissor table

WEWO Europe B.V. developed and produced electrically-operated carts in support of production line assembly for a Belgian production/assembly company. 

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Market leader in the development and mass production of pushbelts

Bosch Transmission Technology is the market leader in the development and mass production of pushbelts for continuously variable transmission (CVT). Since being established in 1972, there has been continual investment in further development of the pushbelt. 

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WEWO Europe developed electrically-operated carts for the Belgian engineering agency Mides

WEWO Europe developed electrically-operated carts for the Belgian engineering agency Mides. These electrically-operated carts are equipped with an integrated scissor table.

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Elektric tug to move coupled carts

Ergonomic tug deliverd to Maxima Medisch Centrum Veldhoven. 

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We would be very happy to develop a solution for your unique situation.

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We have enjoyed working for the following companies:

Volvo Cars Corporation factory

Volvo Cars Ghent is a Volvo Cars Corporation factory located in the Ghent Harbour. The factory consists of a welding plant, a paint plant and final assembly. The factory was established in 1965 to support the expansion of Volvo in what was, at the time, still called the "European Economic Union". 

Internal transportation of countertops

Arte, a granite processor, is inspired and absolutely motivated to be the best in the field of countertops. All materials like granite, composite, glass, ceramics and dekton are processed in Arte’s high-end factory. Always of the best quality and with respect to environment, people and society.

WEWO Europe had implemented an AGV system that provides the internal transport between the intire robot-controlled warehouses. The AGV communicates with the robot-controlled warehouses and the parent ERP system to process the assignments efficient.

Special solutions

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