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With many years of experience in the field of internal material handling, WEWO has become a renowned partner for many companies.

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WEWO Europe develops and manufactures innovative logistics solutions. By applying these advanced products, our customers' logistical and/or production processes run more efficiently and their employees get more satisfaction from their work.

With each new request, WEWO Europe only sees a new challenge. We can provide support at whatever level you require. Sometimes our work is limited to optimising existing processes, but frequently we achieve complete solutions, detailed to the desired level. We believe in smart cooperation with both our customers and suppliers. We work as one team, towards a single goal – resulting in greater efficiency and job satisfaction.

In order to make sure a project runs smoothly, we use the following project approach:

1. No-obligation Consultation
We provide advice, free of obligation, at your location. This allows our consultant to get a good impression of your company and an insight into the business processes. Your requirements will be discussed during this meeting.

2. Initiation Phase
In this phase, the idea of investing in WEWO Europe's expertise emerges and a business case will be drawn up by our project leader and the customer

3. Definition Phase
The objective of the project will be set up in the Definition Phase. Here we look at what the customer wants and functional choices will be established. 

4. Design Phase
During the Design Phase, the project plan is put together and we translate the program of requirements and the functional design into the final technical design (3-D model).

5. Preparation Phase.
In the Preparation Phase, all the duties, powers and responsibilities are recorded (log book) in the Implementation Plan. This plan provides the guidance to take the idea, via the Design Phase, to the intended project outcome. The infrastructure parameters will also be defined in this phase.

6. Realisation Phase
In the Realisation Phase, we produce the final solution and perform various tests to achieve a successful outcome. The project will be completed in this phase. The phase may consist of several sub-projects and partial deliveries that make up the final project outcome.


We would be very happy to develop a solution for your unique situation.

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We have enjoyed working for the following companies:

Market leader in the development and mass production of pushbelts

Bosch Transmission Technology is the market leader in the development and mass production of pushbelts for continuously variable transmission (CVT). Since being established in 1972, there has been continual investment in further development of the pushbelt. 

Internal transportation of countertops

Arte, a granite processor, is inspired and absolutely motivated to be the best in the field of countertops. All materials like granite, composite, glass, ceramics and dekton are processed in Arte’s high-end factory. Always of the best quality and with respect to environment, people and society.

WEWO Europe had implemented an AGV system that provides the internal transport between the intire robot-controlled warehouses. The AGV communicates with the robot-controlled warehouses and the parent ERP system to process the assignments efficient.

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