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Design, Durability and Ergonomics

A major player in the field of customised logistics solutions.

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WEWO stands for Design, Durability and Ergonomics. All of our products are developed and produced using these three pillars. WEWO Facility is the specialist in mailroom furniture, custom furniture, lockers and internal material handling. WEWO Material Handling has become a renowned partner for many companies due to its years of experience in the field of internal material handling. From hand-operated or electrically-operated carts to complete Automatic Guided Vehicle systems. We provide all these products to the high standards and values that characterise WEWO.

The vision of WEWO in the future is easy to define. WEWO wants to remain a major player in the field of customised logistics solutions. We want to achieve this by holding onto our three pillars: Design, Durability and Ergonomics. We also want WEWO Europe B.V. to continue to be a leading supplier in an ever-changing world. Our core values are:

We are committed to our clients. This commitment stems from having a genuine interest in the customer and his profession. That's what unites us and what makes us different. We are committed to our own employees. It is important that they feel at home with us, and that they can develop themselves as they wish.

Every innovation begins with an idea. The best ideas often come from practice, which is why we constantly stay in touch and work closely with our clients to improve and renew our products. Moreover, we are technically advanced; the technology behind our solutions differentiates us.

Passion is central to everything we do. Our enthusiastic and talented employees have a passion for their work, for our customers and for their profession. They strive to exceed the expectations of both our clients and themselves.

We remain close to our customers, enabling us to respond quickly and flexibly to requests, questions and new developments. Short lines of communication, direct contacts and giving our employees lots of responsibility characterise our approach.


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We have enjoyed working for the following companies:

Electrically-powered transport carts

Adjustable to different heights by means of a scissor mechanism

Volvo Cars Corporation factory

Volvo Cars Ghent is a Volvo Cars Corporation factory located in the Ghent Harbour. The factory consists of a welding plant, a paint plant and final assembly. The factory was established in 1965 to support the expansion of Volvo in what was, at the time, still called the "European Economic Union". 

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