Electric TUG

User-friendly and designed to reduce physical effort

Logistics processes within an organisation often require great physical effort.

Transporting heavy carts by hand in various industries is no longer acceptable from a Health and Safety point of view. With the help of electric tug, the transportation of these carts can be made easier.

In many sectors there is a requirement to move heavy roll cage containers, flower carts and other rolling transport. In order to transport these carts in a user-friendly way, without strain, WEWO designed the electric tug. The electric tug can be designed in various classes, up to a maximum towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes. In addition, many different coupling links are possible - from manual operation to full hydraulic control.

Years of experience in the logistics sector combined with in-house engineering result in the realisation of many customer-specific solutions for both the electric tug and the coupling link.



We would be very happy to develop a solution for your unique situation.

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We have enjoyed working for the following companies:

Volvo Cars Corporation factory

Volvo Cars Ghent is a Volvo Cars Corporation factory located in the Ghent Harbour. The factory consists of a welding plant, a paint plant and final assembly. The factory was established in 1965 to support the expansion of Volvo in what was, at the time, still called the "European Economic Union". 

Market leader in the development and mass production of pushbelts

Bosch Transmission Technology is the market leader in the development and mass production of pushbelts for continuously variable transmission (CVT). Since being established in 1972, there has been continual investment in further development of the pushbelt. 

Electric tug

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