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By means of a specialised coupling system, the moulds can be easily removed from the machines and transported on the cart.

Bosch Transmission Technology is the market leader in the development and mass production of pushbelts for continuously variable transmission (CVT). Since being established in 1972, there has been continual investment in further development of the pushbelt. Meanwhile, the company is responsible for numerous innovations in the CVT field. Products and services from Bosch Transmission Technology are used for many different applications by various automotive industry players all around the world. Bosch Transmission Technology currently employs more than 900 employees.

Logistical challenge:
Production within Bosch is mostly carried out using machines with moulds. These moulds can weigh anything between 100 kg and 1,000 kg. There was a requirement within Bosch for an electrically-operated cart that could transport the moulds from the machine to the warehouse and/or to the repair shop. Furthermore, they were looking for a system that could load the moulds into the machine, simply and easily. The Bosch production facilities use an enormous amount of oil - this led to many failures and problems with the existing cart.

The WEWO Europe engineers developed an electrically-operated cart that prevents oil from building up. All essential parts are positioned in such a way that the oil will not affect them. This means failures of these components have been minimised, and the reliability of the cart is guaranteed. Using a specialised coupling system, the moulds can be easily removed from the machines and transported on the cart. By using a cart with a scissor table, the moulds can be offered into the machines at any height. The cart can only achieve its normal speed when the scissor table is set at its lowest height, this is to prevent the cart from toppling over. Furthermore, the cart is equipped with detection sensors for safety. As a result, the cart will stop when it detects an object in its path.


Thanks to the inventive development and production method, the electrically-operated carts are trouble-free. The problems that plagued the previous carts are now history. Also, damage to the carts and other objects is prevented by the sensors. The WEWO carts work so well that WEWO electrically-operated carts are now being used in other logistics processes. 


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