Safely moving unmanned vehicles in a manned environment

The fact that the vehicle is equipped with a safety scanner with multiple safety fields means that it can move about safely in a manned environment.

Line track guidance (optical/magnetic)

A camera or field detection is mounted on the vehicle. The camera determines the location of the line in view and thus positions the vehicle in the lateral direction. 2D codes enables the camera (only for line tracking) to receive commands and also position the vehicle in the direction of travel.

Rails and fixed guidance

Rail guidance is the most robust form of guidance. A fixed route that has been determined in advance is followed. This does mean that it is the least flexible form of guidance.

Laser guidance

A laser scanner mounted on top of the vehicle scans the environment for reflectors. The AGV converts the laser scanner data into the AGVs location by means of triangulation algorithm (measuring method). Dead reckoning (measuring method) confirms this position and increases the accuracy of the position.

Natural Navigation

Natural Navigation uses structures and contours in the environment as localisation reference. This means that infrastructure, such as inductive wires, magnets or reflectors, is not necessary. What is more, this navigation method makes it possible to use simple reflectors, possibly combined with the structures and contours of the environment.

Application of reflectors results in optimum positioning if the environment does not provide sufficient reference points. 


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We have enjoyed working for the following companies:

Volvo Cars Corporation factory

Volvo Cars Ghent is a Volvo Cars Corporation factory located in the Ghent Harbour. The factory consists of a welding plant, a paint plant and final assembly. The factory was established in 1965 to support the expansion of Volvo in what was, at the time, still called the "European Economic Union". 

WEWO AGV's in  Smart Factory AUDI

WEWO Europe BV developed an AGV solution in support of the Audi Smart Factory Project. Audi is making its production fit for the future and strives
for greater flexibility and effciency. The inflexible nature of conventional conveyor belts called for a new and modular transport system. WEWO Europe BV is proud that it has contributed to this development by delivering AGV’s in accordance with the requirements of this project.

Navigation methods

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