Battery Management

Your AGV's have sufficient power at all times

The vehicles we develop are geared specifically to your set of requirements. This comprises the right navigation and safety systems, energy management and the transfer of data.

Manual Battery Charging

Manual battery charging is an economic and simple way of charging the AGVs. This provides an economic and effective solution to single or two-shift activities. This way of charging makes it possible to opt for both an integrated and an external charger. Connecting the AGV to the charger or directly to the mains at the end of the shift makes it possible to charge it outside the shifts.

Opportunity charging

Opportunity Charging is a charging option that can be applied both automatically and manually. Depending on amperage and charging times, batteries can be fully recharged or provided with a partial charge in order to bridge the time until the next charging moment. This can be done at a speed of up to 100 Ah. The main advantage of Opportunity Charging is that an AGV with limited battery capacity can be deployed 24/7 by recharging early for a short period of time. Application of Automatic Charging means that the AGV will recharge automatically. The charging process commences when the AGV positions itself near a charging station.

Automatic charging

Automatic charging stands for recharging the AGV without any manual act.

The AGV can be recharged because the AGV positions itself automatically at a charging station.

The Fleet Manager checks the battery level of the AGVs present. When an AGV reaches its minimum battery level the AGV will complete its order and then automatically position itself at an available charging station. Once in position, the integrated pantograph makes physical contact with the charging station and the charging process commences. The AGV will disconnect automatically and make itself available for a next order depending on the desired (programmable) battery level. 


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AGV for moving bins within a cleanroom 

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Battery management

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