The benefits of a melamine locker - colourfast, easy to maintain and very strong

Melamine is available in various colours. Melamine lockers can also be combined with other materials for the doors, as required.

Why choose a melamine locker?
Melamine lockers can be produced in all configurations, and there are no restrictions on the dimensions. As a result, the lockers will fit the environment. Because WEWO has its own production facility for these lockers, we can quickly and cost-effectively deliver customised work.

Design possibilities with a melamine locker
With an extensive network of sheet material suppliers, WEWO can make lockers in any design. In addition, WEWO also has the option to use sustainable materials with an FSC quality label. By using high-quality materials, WEWO guarantees a high-quality melamine locker.

Melamine locker options
Melamine lockers from WEWO can be equipped with different locking systems, ranging from a key up to a centrally controlled, electronic locking system. Options such as lighting, wall sockets and charging stations are also possible. The locker can also be fitted with internal layout and mail slot.


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Melamine lockers

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