The benefits of a high-pressure laminate locker - a very wear-resistant material that is even moisture resistant

High-pressure laminate lockers have a luxurious appearance and convert a locker into a stylish piece of furniture.

Why choose a high-pressure laminate locker?
Wherever there is a high degree of durability and wear resistance required, high-pressure laminate lockers are the solution for your company. These lockers can also be used in humid environments. WEWO can deliver these lockers with or without aluminium profiles.

Design possibilities with a high-pressure laminate locker
With an extensive network of sheet material suppliers, WEWO can make lockers in any design. In addition, WEWO also has the option to use sustainable materials with an FSC quality label. By using high-quality materials, WEWO guarantees a high-quality high-pressure laminate locker.

Features of a high-pressure laminate locker
High-pressure laminate lockers from WEWO can be equipped with different locking systems, ranging from a key up to a centrally controlled, electronic locking system. Options such as lighting, wall sockets and charging stations are also possible. The locker can also be fitted with internal layout and mail slot.


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We have enjoyed working for the following companies:

WEWO produced anthracite lockers for a bakery

A sleek design, designed and produced specifically for the client.

HPL lockers equipped with Gantner locking system

Three hundred HPL lockers for Rijswijks Lyceum. The lockers are equipped with the Gantner locking system.

High-pressure laminate lockers

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