Safe storage space for personal belongings for the "New method of working"

We have developed our expertise by listening to our customers and constantly developing our experts in the field of customised lockers.

Due to an increasing demand for secure storage space for personal belongings, and the rise of "the new method of working", the creation of personal storage lockers is a must. While working at the office, at home, or at school, you want to be sure that your belongings are safely stowed away. With years of experience in the field of storage, WEWO has set up its own production line for manufacturing Lockers. Furthermore, besides producing cabinets, WEWO also has the expertise to equip the lockers with various locking systems and maybe even to implement these systems into existing control systems.

The state-of-the-art machinery operated by WEWO has the ability to process various materials. Materials such as: melamine panels, HPL panels, high-pressure laminate, MDF, corian, polycarbonate, aluminium and glass. With this diversity of materials, it is possible to put a very varied locker together. Because WEWO takes care of the production in its own facilities, lockers can be produced exactly according to the customer’s wishes. WEWO can also provide well thought-out advice about the design, material selection, etc. – experience a-plenty.

Lockers with an electric locking system
You or your customer will know this scenario very well. You place your valuables into the locker and you don't know where to put the key. Or worse still, you lose the key to the locker and you can no longer gain access to your valuables. Fortunately, there are electronic lockers available to resolve this problem.

Electronic lockers work via a very convenient locking system. If you want to use an electronic locker, you can do so using a personal code. You can enter this onto a screen, allowing you to open or close the locker. Electronic lockers are safe and very user friendly.

HPL lockers equipped with Gantner locking system

Three hundred HPL lockers for Rijswijks Lyceum. The lockers are equipped with the Gantner locking system.

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Pantry furniture and locker panel

Specialised furniture such as cloakroom units, copy-units and lockers. A customised, complete solution.

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120 smart home delivery cabinets

The home delivery cabinet, in combination with smart logistics, makes transport much more efficient.

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A total of 4,021 lockers were installed at Achmea in Apeldoorn

In consultation with the architect, the lockers were equipped with a frame that is in line with the interior design of the property. 

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WEWO produced anthracite lockers for a bakery

A sleek design, designed and produced specifically for the client.

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Unique lockers to ensure your packages can be delivered

The high-tech Bringme Box is equipped with many unique features, such as stainless steel guide rails to ensure the packages slide in and out of the locker easily.

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200 lockers at the Teylingen Municipality

Like WEWO, the Teylingen Municipality highly values sustainability, so it was a logical choice to produce the lockers from FSC-certified material

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Mailroom furniture in your own custom colours

The lockers have their own style in terms of finish

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We would be very happy to develop a solution for your unique situation.

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We have enjoyed working for the following companies:

Mailroom solution

WEWO ensured optimal flow of postal and reproduction processing

Defence Furniture for the Defence health centres.

This includes furniture for dentist’s rooms, physiotherapist’s rooms, doctor's offices and pharmacies. All products need to be durable and sterile.


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