Three elements that WEWO Europe values the most

The international, independent

FSC quality label ensures that the raw materials for the wood products used by WEWO come from responsibly managed forests.

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WEWO Europe highly values CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainability. Therefore, WEWO logically features the FSCĀ® quality label. The international, independent FSC quality label ensures raw materials for wood products used by WEWO come from responsibly managed forests, and attention is paid to the people and animals that are dependent on the forests. All major environmental and development organisations recommend FSC. WEWO also keeps the environment in mind by collecting all the waste products and reusing them wherever possible.

The CSR effort allows WEWO to promote a healthy and safe workplace for its staff and to allow further training. The building itself is also sustainable through the use of LED lighting and underfloor heating.

Design and Ergonomics
Years of experience have enabled WEWO to develop extensive knowledge in the field of ergonomics and design. In addition to engineering, manufacturing and providing advice on internal material handling and logistics solutions, WEWO is enthusiastically providing advice about routing and working methods. WEWO does this through a set project plan. From this project plan, a 3D image will be created to provide a photo-realistic picture.

WEWO can also build on years of experience with respect to design. By retaining the development and production in-house, WEWO is able to deliver solutions conforming to specific customer requirements. This results in WEWO solutions being determined on location to fully harmonise with the environment. If required, WEWO has the ability to hire external expertise to provide the perfect solution in exceptional situations. This all ensures that the overall appearance of WEWO products is unbeatable. 


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