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Experts in customised furniture

WEWO is the specialist in furniture for mailrooms, reproduction rooms, cloakroom facilities and high-quality lockers. We always provide the right solution by providing customisation. WEWO furniture is characterised by its professional appearance and high quality.

WEWO is your specialist in (customised) furniture for mailrooms, reproduction rooms, cloakroom facilities and high-quality lockers.

Secure storage space for valuable, personal property.

Due to an increasing demand for secure storage space for personal belongings, and the rise of "the new method of working", the creation of personal storage lockers is a must.

While working at the office, at home, or at school, you want to be sure that your belongings are safely stowed away. With years of experience in the field of storage, WEWO has set up its own production line for the manufacturing of Lockers

WEWO Lockers

Special furniture is about space and interiors, about design and the user

WEWO also stands for quality, reliable delivery and a competitive price when it comes to special furniture. Whether you are looking for medical furniture, bathroom furniture, hotel room furniture, or a complete design for an office: with the WEWO team, you have a reliable and healthy partner.

The wide employability of our staff and the full range of machinery ensure WEWO is able to work competitively in many market segments and to guarantee continuity.

WEWO Special furniture

Store post without clutter, it's possible with WEWO mailroom furniture

At the office, it's very important that everything is set out neatly and the room can be used as the ideal working space for the staff. Structure is therefore very important and pleasant for everyone. Structure can be created using locker cabinets or mail cabinets.

WEWO Mailroom furniture

Avoid carrying unnecessarily heavy loads with WEWO internal transport

WEWO will be pleased to advise you about the correct application of health and safety legislation, and will be pleased to introduce you to electrically-powered carts.

The great strength of WEWO lies with the engineering department. Your internal transport cart will be manufactured here. 

WEWO Internal transport

We have enjoyed working for the following companies:

WEWO produced anthracite lockers for a bakery

A sleek design, designed and produced specifically for the client.

HPL lockers equipped with Gantner locking system

Three hundred HPL lockers for Rijswijks Lyceum. The lockers are equipped with the Gantner locking system.

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WEWO produces, among other things, custom-made lockers

We have developed our expertise by listening to our customers and constantly developing our experts in the field of mailroom furniture and internal logistics.

WEWO offers customised solutions that make the movement of goods within organisations and institutions as efficient as possible: from mail processing and catering to internal logistics. Using over 25 years of experience and the latest developments, WEWO delivers solutions to increase efficiency, job satisfaction and timesaving; a win-win situation! This growing company is located in Holten, the Netherlands, located directly on the A1.

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